Max Brenners Bald mans chocolate cafe :-) I heart NYC

Right so in my last blog post about Bryant park you will see i am holding a MAX BRENNERS hot chocolate, well basically this blog post to to tell you all about the wonders that is max brenners chocolate cafe in union square!

its one of the  first restaurant entirely devoted to chocolate, provides a chocolate mood: a person being surrounded by huge bricks, candles, pralines, colorful toy tins and crates filled with cocoa beans. Each person’s chocolate experience is exclusive to the individual as it brings out different emotions in each and every person.In addition to there  unique chocolate, they  also offer delicious savory foods. Whether it is there  famous Brenner Burger or Mac & Cheese, there will be something for everyone!

Its truly to DIE for and such a nice treat and cool place to visit!

Its my birthday today and i think i will give it a visit :-) for some yummy fondu :-)

841 Broadway, New York, NY, 10003

(646) 467-8803

here is a quick look at some of there delicacies- (and then me being a fatty eating fondu)


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image source- google search and my personals