I heart new york christmas windows:-)



Last night on my way home form work i decided to try out my new Canon eos rebel that mark bought me for my birthday/christmas this year.

I work right next to 5th avenue so i strolled across to share with you my FAVORITE christmas window of all time, for years i have passed up and down and around the corner of 57th street in aw at the windows of Bergdorf Goodman.


every year there is something more outrageous more spectacular and more heart stopping, jaw droopingly beautiful. So now that i have my lovely canon i decided to take a stroll over and snap some shops of the windows to share with those who have not seen them yet  or those who do not live in new york.


so first things first here is the the story behind the windows, i found this article on the BG Website-


“If you’re one to admire our holiday each year, you know that we’re not one to celebrate the obvious. David Hoey and our windows team prefer dazzling with the deceptively simple and quiet element of surprise. This year our Fifth Avenue windows imagined a variety of time-honored holidays cast in a frozen landscape. windowsHolidays on Ice, explained Hoey, “give(s) equal billing to a year’s worth of holidays—not only the wintry ones. All of them will be icebound. Even the Fourth of July.” This isn’t the first time Hoey has celebrated classic American holidays; once our 58th street dedicated themselves to June’s Flag Day while in years past Fifth Avenue adopts a windowswitchy October splendor.


ARBOR DAY — Imagine a split-level forest clearing. The vista and joie de vivre speak a sunny April day, however icicles cling to the ten-foot tree’s bare, porcelain branches. Dressed in Alexander McQueen Resort, our lady casually sits, surrounded by trembling crystal leaves and flowers. You almost can imagine the porcelain fauna (ranging from butterflies to a Komodo dragon) bursting into animated, spontaneous song. Using one of his favorite techniques, Hoey gives us a glance of the icy roots creeping below the joyful, grassy scene.

FASHION IN THE FOURTH OF JULY — Polar patriotic pageantry (with a feather on top). Featuring a full-scale Colonial building facade replica, this frozen scape positions our lady in Rodarte; her dapper soldiers sport Thom Browne New York. This is a parade of patriotism: flags, bunting and pennants fly from above while an icy eagle spreads its wings.

APRIL FOOL’S DAY — Each year one of our holiday exhibits a favorite visual trick. Last year’s windowsFollies sported a bird’s eye perspective; April Fool’s Day pulled out all of the stops with a less-than-subtle prank: an upside-down garden party. Everything — from the swinging primate and dancing bear topiaries to the ragged rows of icicles — are upside-down. How does our mannequin’s Oscar de la Renta gown defy gravity’s weight? That’s a secret she’ll never tell.topsy turvy

VALENTINE’S DAY — In classic maximalism style, Valentine’s Day is a rosy feast for the eyes. This luminous, cave-like boudoir is a blooming confection of roses, lilies, pastries and bon-bons, jewels and a glistening, icicle-laden chandelier. Frosty cherubs and poodles tend to our Giambattista Valli Couture and Oscar de la Renta-clad mannequin who demurely sits at her ice-carved writing desk. We only can dream of the breathless love letters she pens.

HALLOWEEN — Spirits are aloft in this glittering, high Gothic masquerade. Behind a Swarovski crystal-flecked spider web, you’ll find a towering haunted mansion glazed in black ice. What ghostly secrets does it hold? This meticulously-crafted château is a replica of the immense Vanderbilt mansion that once marked Fifth Avenue and 58th Street (it once was the largest home in America). Playing with scale and tricks of the eye, a nine-foot mannequin peeks out from the fortress’ top while smaller mannequins hide in the shadows. Honoring holiday window’ tradition, evening designer Naeem Khan fashioned a custom onyx plumed gown to dress this long-limbed subject.windows


this is how they reviled the winter windows this year- STUNNING AND JUST BREATH TAKING.


article source- http://blog.bergdorfgoodman.com/windows/holiday-windows-2013-holidays-on-ice#ad-image-0