product review – Canon eos rebel


I was told ,everyone usually chooses a path between Nikon and Canon, I chose Canon. The reason why i chose canon is because there so much easier to use.( apparently, i am nothing shy of a technical retard and the only reason i know how to do anything is because of patient people showing me(aka mark k.))

This model came out this month and is the  smallest SLR on the market. Which is great for those of us who carry our cameras in our handbags(like me :-) ) . This camera is about 2/3 the size of the T5i, ( no fuking clue what that is but you might :-) mark just told me :-) ) Yet has many of the same capabilities (although the ISO only goes up to 12800 instead of 25600 for super low-light). Since it’s a new camera, it will set you back about $650 for the body only (you can also get used lenses for new cameras to save $$ or get a 50mm lens for about $90.) I would say that with this camera and a Macbook Air, you’ll have the ultimate compact blogger’s kit!

I truely love my canon and am the luckiest girl alive to be gifted it:-) again THANK YOU MARK KENNA.. Like i said i am nothing short of trying to print paper from the toaster and wondering why the t.v wont work……. before pulging it in. Canons are amazing and take such beautiful pictures, if i can work it you can… get going #snaphappy #canonforlife