Style diary

Since I really have not been up to scratch with my posts at all… I have decided to throw all my outfits into one style diary A small taste of what I have been wearing- A brief look at Some of my prize possessions that I have literally worn  to death, some of my favourite bits HAVE TO BE-

1. MY BUFFALO BOOTS I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM(writing this all in capitals to emphasis the love) all saints shirt that I got in Kildare village 50e,

3.Penney’s check shirt with logo 15e (i think),

4.Boyfriend jeans Zara,

5.Nike runners Rag and Bone hat,fedora from Zara 25e,

7.Zara FAUX FUR  stole 35e

8. my wool cocoon coat from H&M, tartan scarf from Penneys,

9.I am all about denim jeans lately (buying denim does that to  you) I love the busted knee look, extreme rip and repair and also high waisted tube pants.. I buy all my denim in Penneys now, also Zara, and Top shop.

10.I am still so obsessed with finger rings and loads of them, I really layer up my hands when going out now and bought loads in top shop.

Check out some of my outfits below-


image_1  image_3 image_4 image_5 image_6 image_7 image_8 image_9


My onsie from Penneys has to make a debut wore this all christmas- image_2image_11

Love my printed boyfriend jeans – they are printed with floral pastel shapes and makes them so girly and fun

image_12 image_13

my LBD from TopShop ultimate easy must have for the party season- image_14

finger rings and amazballs nails from Sugar dolls in Blanchardstownimage_16

I got an amazing ribbed polo neck from Penneys for 15 euro and love it, it was so flattering and i wore it all christmas, I also got a beautful taupe coat that was really cute and warm. image_18 image_19

the ultimate red dress- recycled from zara.. Ive worn this before just changed up the hair- image_20

SPORTING my Penneys faux fur coat in london, I never wore this in dublin because its quite out there but I never took it off in london, I loved it with my black on black image_21 image_22

This was taken in the summer but I really love my shoes and my fluid maxi trench- My shoes were nine west and the sealer to all outfits last summer and still now, my trench was a steal from ….. you guessed it penneys, the furry little thing in the image below is the one and only Matilda


this shirt i am still wearing –  and got it in  Penneys and my runners are Nike, this shirt was gorgeous i love it, it has a massive logo on the back and very cool, my busted knee jeans are top shop