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PWR Top….Holiday make up looks for 2013



This year I am seeing alot of gothic inspired looks with dark dark lips and eyes , dewy faces are also in and nice natural eyes with a statement lip. I am going to a christmas party friday so i am torn between looks and what make up style to go for..

here are my top holiday picks and check back on friday for my  full outfit and make up post

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image source-pintrest

BIG brows you are beautiful!!!!!!!

here is my eyebrows when i use to thread and wax-555956_10151096099345928_1710848447_n


So being fair skinned and fair haired yes a blessing in some cases can be an absolute nightmare in others, for example i have to ware high sun factor, i freckle, i have blonde eyebrows and eyelashes so when i am not waring make up i look like i have none :-(

I can deal with the fair skin and not really tanning, i’ve embraced and excepted that factor, i’ve excepted i have freckles and although it took years have learned to love them and just roll with it! THE NO EYEBROWS however …. not liking! its worst when you go on holidays and are in the pool etc, so i had become accustom to tinting my eyebrows and eyelashes for this occasion.

However since moving to new york and having gone threw some horrendous threading and waxing EXPERIENCES  i almost gave up….. i was just going to except the fact my eyebrows were blonde and be ok with them grown out and only color in the parts i liked with trusty eyebrow products i had fallen in love with.

Until i met AVA LUCAS the eye brow and make up god…. Ava is a MAC make up artisit and good friend and to she  to say performs miricles would be an understatement ;-x

CHECK OUT THIS TRANSFORMATION…. firstly i grew them out!!!!! took me about 2 months!







unnamed-17 unnamed-14


Ava  only plucks and will never wax or thread… and if you do wax or thread i would suggest stopping ( all on hear say but apparently it is extremely bad to pull the skin at your eye as it is sensitive and low in elastin and becomes weak and can droop causing your eyes to appear older and less defined as time goes on)


1. pluck the eye brow using a tweezerman

2.tint/dye the eyebrow

3.look fabalis

Here are some useful tips i found on pintrest

1. Figure out which method works for you.

There are three common methods

* Waxing

* Threading

* Tweezing


2. Find your eyebrow shape.


Eyebrow Shape Chart

Once you find your eyebrow shape, use it as a guide for maintaining your eyebrows. The first step to having great brows is to follow your natural shape when you get your eyebrows groomed. Don’t try and change your shape (i.e. flat to angled) because then your eyebrows can look strange and out of place.

The next step is to find your natural arch, with the help of the diagram below:

brow diagram

B corresponds to where your natural arch is, while A and C refer to where your eyebrow should begin and end. Following this diagram is essential for well-maintained and natural brows.

If you decided to use waxing or threading, just tell the practitioner to follow your natural shape and arch

3. Keep it natural! the key to having great eyebrows is to work with what you naturally have.

The perfect eyebrow tutorial Closeup of a young beautiful woman. a71171be5ce7c386e0352f087be63e37




Here are my top picks for holiday hair this christmas and new years

To the side- 



I love this look and always try to recreate, because my hair is naturally straight i usually end up with what cara’s hair is looking like! However this season i am killing this 1940 pear harbor curl if its the last thing i do :-) 

The ponytail-

f143cafe782bd29498ccead1aaf9cea3 be730684f435a54aaf99e2c0e034575a


Top knot-



You just cant go wrong with a top knot or ballerina bun, they are so easy to acheve – note to self buy a donut for your hair if your having trouble achieving the bun, there one of my all time favorite things 

Sexy curl- 


Hair accessories-


The braid-


image source-pintrest and my facebook page :-)

EyeBrows Interrupted


Miley Cyrus has messed with her beautiful perfect eyebrows by bleaching them!!!!!!

I love Miley but the eyebrows interrupted is not working for me! I much prefer her natural and her eyebrows actually visible! what do you think?







image source-

Victoria Secrets fashion show low down



THE VICTORIA’S SECRET FASHION SHOW returns to the CBS Television Network on Tuesday, Dec. 10 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT). This year’s fashion show will take place in New York City with world-famous Victoria’s Secret Angels Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lily Aldridge, Candice Swanepoel, Lindsay Ellingson, Karlie Kloss, Doutzen Kroes, Behati Prinsloo and many more. Also, the lingerie runway show will include musical performances, pink carpet interviews, model profiles and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the world’s most celebrated fashion show.

THE VICTORIA’S SECRET FASHION SHOW is being produced by done and dusted, inc. Edward G. Razek, Monica Mitro, Ian Stewart and Hamish Hamilton are the executive producers. Hamish Hamilton is the director.

2013 Fashion Show Musical Guests Announced!

Nov 12, 2013 – The wait for the musical guest announcement is over! Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy, A Great Big World and Neon Jungle will rock the runway alongside the Angels at the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, airing Tuesday, December 10, at 10/9C on CBS. Don’t miss it!

2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway

AHHHHHH I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxxo megan



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