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My Magical New years eve OOTN

I rang in the new years SMACK BANG in the middle of timesquare :-) so amazing and i am extremely lucky to have rang in the new years in such an amazing part of teh world.. all that was missing was my family and mark oh and matilda… check out the after math of an angry puppy being left at home new years eve while mummy was sleeping in bed…


unnamed-14(little shitter… i soon forgave her doh :-) )

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DRESS- H&M project runway edition dress $79.00

shoes- carvellia $200

hair band- rickeys $7

pink to make the boys wink

when it comes down to tying the knot would you do it traditionally or with a twist?? its safe to say the rules of engagement LITERALLY have gone out the window and anything goes.

So what do you think of not marrying  in white??

jessica beil sure as heck didnt mind ditching tradition to marry her hunk of a man justin timberlake and as treds do tend to follow recently kaley cuero also ditched the all white get up for a candy canned gown to wed her beau!

Both girls obviously looking stunning no questions there! however it brings up the all mighty topic of does anything go? recently Pharell Willams married his fiancé in matching plaid get ups!

This year is get to be full of wedding excitement and i can hardly wait… :-)

check out the battle of the pinks –

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engagement season is in full swing….

27-year-old fashion designer and style icon Olivia Palermo has announced her engagement, after her male model boyfriend got down on one knee in St Barts this New Year’s Eve.

German born Johannes Huebl announced the news with this very cute Instagram video writing alongside it: “Happy New Year to everybody and this is how we celebrate it: OP said Y E S”

I cant wait to see what oliva will be waring its safe to say she will be absolutely amazing looking.I wonder if she will stick to tradition in a white gown or bend the rules like recent celbs dressing in pink such as Jessica beil and kaley cuoco

Never the less this gown will be one to keep our eyes PEELED for! However with Kim Kardsashians recent fashion seriously being quite fabulous lately, well  despite the god awful hand painted bag her fiancé presented her with on xmas day , I think kim and oliva could be battling it out for the best dress bride this up coming year.


click on the link below to see her show off her ring!!!


product review – Canon eos rebel


I was told ,everyone usually chooses a path between Nikon and Canon, I chose Canon. The reason why i chose canon is because there so much easier to use.( apparently, i am nothing shy of a technical retard and the only reason i know how to do anything is because of patient people showing me(aka mark k.))

This model came out this month and is the  smallest SLR on the market. Which is great for those of us who carry our cameras in our handbags(like me :-) ) . This camera is about 2/3 the size of the T5i, ( no fuking clue what that is but you might :-) mark just told me :-) ) Yet has many of the same capabilities (although the ISO only goes up to 12800 instead of 25600 for super low-light). Since it’s a new camera, it will set you back about $650 for the body only (you can also get used lenses for new cameras to save $$ or get a 50mm lens for about $90.) I would say that with this camera and a Macbook Air, you’ll have the ultimate compact blogger’s kit!

I truely love my canon and am the luckiest girl alive to be gifted it:-) again THANK YOU MARK KENNA.. Like i said i am nothing short of trying to print paper from the toaster and wondering why the t.v wont work……. before pulging it in. Canons are amazing and take such beautiful pictures, if i can work it you can… get going #snaphappy #canonforlife




This will be my Third chrimbo state side, it honestly gets worse every year and I swear to the lord above this is my last year staying in New York on Christmas when all my loved ones and family are there.

Christmas here  is  amazing and I am extremely grateful that i get to spend each year here happy and healthy and thankfully surrounded by great people, but next year I AM GOING HOME……. :-)

With out further a-due i decided to do a  blog post on my favorite airport and travel wear.


1. I know its hard but try not over pack, plan out your outfits and dont bring things home you will NOT wear ( for example 2 summers ago i went to ireland for 3 weeks with 3 pairs of sunglasses……………………. like touched is a understatement it rained every day i was home)

2. TRY TRY TRY have one bag check in and one bag hand luggage and small hand bag.

3. keep your hand bag light. your lugging it around on your shoulder for 3 hours before you board, make sure carry onis on wheels:-) so much easier.

4. wear easy brezzy clothing that doesnt’ restrict you, wear socks or at least bring a pair in your hand bag as the plain gets cold.

5. scarfs are a great airport companion as you can wrap your self up on the plain.

6. CHILLAX AND HAVE A BEER OR GLASS OF WINE… and look forward to your family time :-)

7. always try look effortless but cute and fresh, don’t ware to much make up it gan get patchy and dried out with the air con on the plain, and you never no who will be picking you up from the airport :-) Try a hydrating foundation, i love smash box hydration foundation.


take a look at my favorite celebrity airport fashion, safe flight and merry christmas love meg-

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