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I heart new york christmas windows:-)



Last night on my way home form work i decided to try out my new Canon eos rebel that mark bought me for my birthday/christmas this year.

I work right next to 5th avenue so i strolled across to share with you my FAVORITE christmas window of all time, for years i have passed up and down and around the corner of 57th street in aw at the windows of Bergdorf Goodman.


every year there is something more outrageous more spectacular and more heart stopping, jaw droopingly beautiful. So now that i have my lovely canon i decided to take a stroll over and snap some shops of the windows to share with those who have not seen them yet  or those who do not live in new york.


so first things first here is the the story behind the windows, i found this article on the BG Website-


“If you’re one to admire our holiday each year, you know that we’re not one to celebrate the obvious. David Hoey and our windows team prefer dazzling with the deceptively simple and quiet element of surprise. This year our Fifth Avenue windows imagined a variety of time-honored holidays cast in a frozen landscape. windowsHolidays on Ice, explained Hoey, “give(s) equal billing to a year’s worth of holidays—not only the wintry ones. All of them will be icebound. Even the Fourth of July.” This isn’t the first time Hoey has celebrated classic American holidays; once our 58th street dedicated themselves to June’s Flag Day while in years past Fifth Avenue adopts a windowswitchy October splendor.


ARBOR DAY — Imagine a split-level forest clearing. The vista and joie de vivre speak a sunny April day, however icicles cling to the ten-foot tree’s bare, porcelain branches. Dressed in Alexander McQueen Resort, our lady casually sits, surrounded by trembling crystal leaves and flowers. You almost can imagine the porcelain fauna (ranging from butterflies to a Komodo dragon) bursting into animated, spontaneous song. Using one of his favorite techniques, Hoey gives us a glance of the icy roots creeping below the joyful, grassy scene.

FASHION IN THE FOURTH OF JULY — Polar patriotic pageantry (with a feather on top). Featuring a full-scale Colonial building facade replica, this frozen scape positions our lady in Rodarte; her dapper soldiers sport Thom Browne New York. This is a parade of patriotism: flags, bunting and pennants fly from above while an icy eagle spreads its wings.

APRIL FOOL’S DAY — Each year one of our holiday exhibits a favorite visual trick. Last year’s windowsFollies sported a bird’s eye perspective; April Fool’s Day pulled out all of the stops with a less-than-subtle prank: an upside-down garden party. Everything — from the swinging primate and dancing bear topiaries to the ragged rows of icicles — are upside-down. How does our mannequin’s Oscar de la Renta gown defy gravity’s weight? That’s a secret she’ll never tell.topsy turvy

VALENTINE’S DAY — In classic maximalism style, Valentine’s Day is a rosy feast for the eyes. This luminous, cave-like boudoir is a blooming confection of roses, lilies, pastries and bon-bons, jewels and a glistening, icicle-laden chandelier. Frosty cherubs and poodles tend to our Giambattista Valli Couture and Oscar de la Renta-clad mannequin who demurely sits at her ice-carved writing desk. We only can dream of the breathless love letters she pens.

HALLOWEEN — Spirits are aloft in this glittering, high Gothic masquerade. Behind a Swarovski crystal-flecked spider web, you’ll find a towering haunted mansion glazed in black ice. What ghostly secrets does it hold? This meticulously-crafted château is a replica of the immense Vanderbilt mansion that once marked Fifth Avenue and 58th Street (it once was the largest home in America). Playing with scale and tricks of the eye, a nine-foot mannequin peeks out from the fortress’ top while smaller mannequins hide in the shadows. Honoring holiday window’ tradition, evening designer Naeem Khan fashioned a custom onyx plumed gown to dress this long-limbed


this is how they reviled the winter windows this year- STUNNING AND JUST BREATH TAKING.


article source-

Max Brenners Bald mans chocolate cafe :-) I heart NYC

Right so in my last blog post about Bryant park you will see i am holding a MAX BRENNERS hot chocolate, well basically this blog post to to tell you all about the wonders that is max brenners chocolate cafe in union square!

its one of the  first restaurant entirely devoted to chocolate, provides a chocolate mood: a person being surrounded by huge bricks, candles, pralines, colorful toy tins and crates filled with cocoa beans. Each person’s chocolate experience is exclusive to the individual as it brings out different emotions in each and every person.In addition to there  unique chocolate, they  also offer delicious savory foods. Whether it is there  famous Brenner Burger or Mac & Cheese, there will be something for everyone!

Its truly to DIE for and such a nice treat and cool place to visit!

Its my birthday today and i think i will give it a visit :-) for some yummy fondu :-)

841 Broadway, New York, NY, 10003

(646) 467-8803

here is a quick look at some of there delicacies- (and then me being a fatty eating fondu)


images gansevoort-hotel-and-max-brenner-13 DSC00020 restreview060828_560 max_brenner_t653 max_brenner_chocolate_bar3 




image source- google search and my personals

Bryant park christmas market..


Well if you are ever in New York, around christmas you have got to check out the christmas villages that are scattered all over the city, i took a trip to the one in Bryant park the other night and just spent the evening ice skating and walking around all the little stalls, its really beautiful and just a lovley way to spend your evening.

here is what you need to know-

Bank of America
Winter Village at Bryant Park

November 1, 2013 – March 2, 2014

1)The Rink

November 1, 2013 – March 2, 2014

The Rink is the centerpiece of Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park. The 170′ x 100′ rink features free admission ice skating, in addition to high quality rental skates, skating shows, special events, and activities.

Whether you are looking to skate before going to the office, through the lunch hour, with friends at a party, with a date, or for a spin under the stars at a holiday party, Winter Village is the perfect destination.

Skate Sharpening
Offered in the Skating Pavilion.

Parka Lounge
Custom packages available for children’s birthday parties.

Skate Lessons
Individual and group lessons can be arranged for all ages and levels.

Ice Bites
Take a skate break with a wide selection of comfort foods, hot andcold drinks, and delicious treats.

Lockers and Bag Check
Inside the Skating Pavilion, lockers are free of charge, with locks available for purchase. Bag check is also available for a fee.

For birthday parties and special occasions, please call

2)Holiday Shops

November 1, 2013 – January 5, 2014

Featuring more than 125 boutique-style shops in the park’s tree-lined allées, the Holiday Shops complete the park’s transformation into a winter wonderland.

From distinctive apparel to jewelry, decorative goods, local foods, and much more, the Holiday Shops are the perfect place to find gifts for all – adults, kids, and even pets.


November 5, 2013 – March 2, 2014

Overlooking the ice with rinkside views, Celsius offers lunch, dinner, and drinks every day.

With spectacular views of the park, ice, and holiday tree, this two-story restaurant also features glass-enclosed lounges and an outdoor terrace with heat lamps.

Celsius is also a perfect venue for holiday parties and special occasions. Please call 212-661-6640 for more information.

check out my pictures from the night-

Upcoming Winter Village Events

Monday, December 9, 2013
Saturday, December 14, 2013
Sunday, December 15, 2013
Monday, December 16, 2013
Thursday, December 19, 2013

christmas night out!!!

Really sorry this blog post has taken so long to go up, i have had a really busy weekend in work and literally haven’t even had time to eat, i drank lots but eat, not so much hence why i was a little worse for ware saturday morning, and now to top it all off my  sink pipe is leaking… i NEED A MAN to come live with me..( mark please come back to new york)

Anyways rant over.

So the synopsis of my amazing night at DNA INFOS christmas party is as follows,

1) it was in the most amazing penthouse i have ever (only penthouse) been in, that over looked the hole of the west side !

2) it was above columbus circle ON THE 75TH floor.

3) there was a photo boot,character( i spelt that wrong , but basically cartoon drawers), open bar ,sushi bar, cigar bar, like AMAZING.

4) I was blown away and unfortunately i wasn’t aloud take pictures there:-( sad face but the night will forever be in my top 10 favorite visual moments of all time.

5)thank you Dan from DNAinfo for taking me as your guest i had a BLAST and am going with you next year :-)

6) this was dan’s boss home!!! Seriously so inspirational that someone can achieve that life style by his hard work and smart career moves:-) really something to aim for:-) keep dreaming, as for now i’m stuck in apt 4c dealing with a leaking sink.

So here is my OOTN (outfit of the night) –

IMG_0125 IMG_0139

IMG_0106 IMG_0115

dress- yigal azrouel $49 at a gilt warehouse sale :-) ,shoes- carvella $132,necklace and bracelet -Aldo $32,gillet- H&M $39

check out more pic’s from the night- <3 love megan


Its no lie I love to have a drink or ten, and while personally i am a beer girl when the winter months kick in i love to switch it up opting for champers and hot whiskeys.

With that being said i have decided to throw together my perfect holiday drinks for you to make at home to warm up or entertain the mates :-) I hope you enjoy these drinkie poos as much as i did making them and drinking :-) I cannot take full credit for all of these recipes as i was helped by some friends here in new york , that work with me in the bar . So i would like to thank them for sharing there drinks with me and letting me post them in my page so Sully and Fran thank you :-)

1. Pwr mulled wine 


PWR mulled wine recipe -

Total time- 20 mins

prep- 10 mins

cook- 10 mins

servings- 8ppl

level- easy peasy


4 cups of hard apple cider(bulmers,magnets etc), 1 bottle of red wine, 1\4 cup of honey,2 cinnamon sticks, 2 oranges cut in 4, cloves (put into the pieces of orange) ,1\2 tea spoon of nutmeg, orange peel for garnish.


combine the cider and wine, honey,cinnamon,oranges,nutmeg, in a saucepan bring to boil and simmer on a low heat for 10 mins pour into a glass and garnish, with peel:-)


2. ginerpaigne


I love this idea for champagne, its a lovely idea to serve instead or along side mimosas (champagne and orange juice usually served at brunch in the usa)



2.grounded ginger, crystalized ginger cubs, ginger syrup


drop the ginger powder,cubes or syrup into the champaigne glass and then pour the champagne into the glass.

 3.Sullys fuck me over coffee






creme de coco


garnish with a flake :-) if you can


poor coffee into a glass,add a shot(or 2)  of jameson and a shot of creme de le coco ,add sugar  top off with fresh whipped cream and sprinkle flake on top..

serve and enjoy .. **** beware its called sulllys fuk me over coffee for a reason**** you should be safe unless you are actually drinking a famous sullys coffee made and served by Michael Van Sullivan ;-) 


4. Fran’s baileys coffee


This is delish….




ice tray


freeze coffee in the ice tray

next day use the ice as the rocks for the baileys,poor baileys over frozen coffee and enjoy


5.A REAL IRISH  hot whiskey


boiled water







poor boiling water into a glass, ass a shot of jamseon, honey , sugar and a lemon that has been perced with cloves

6. Irish eggnog



1 egg







Whisk 1 egg, 1 ounce Irish cream liqueur and 1/4 ounce Irish whiskey in a bowl until smooth. Bring 2 cups whole milk to a boil in a saucepan (do not use a slow cooker-it will overcook the eggs). Pour over the egg mixture, stirring to mix well. Pour into mugs. Sprinkle with nutmeg and garnish with cinnamon sticks.
If you don’t have a slow cooker, keep these drinks warm in a saucepan on the stovetop over low heat

7. mint hot chocolate



hot choclate




creme de le mente




make a cup of  hot chocolate, add a shot of baileys and a shot of jameson, top of with fresh cream and drizzel creme de le menthe on top

8. Berry-merry old fashioned







sweet vermout



muddle the berrys and orange , add sugar and a dash of soda, add ice and sweet vermout and burbon stir and shake a litte.. serve and enjoy

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